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Summary - Besides expaining the proper way to start a...

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Carson Seeger English 150 Summary The summary I did for this proposal project was section six out of Oral Presentations in the Composition Course. Section six was a pretty straightforward section that focused on how to make your oral presentation flow smoothly. The first section talked about a good introduction; according to the book, a good introduction should not only give an overview of your paper, but should also get the audience excited about the presentation. The book suggests writing the introduction last so you will be able to mention all your papers points in the paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Besides expaining the proper way to start a presentation, the book gives several tips on how to use transitions. Words like “furthermore, or, and, next, and first of all” are all smooth transitions to use during a presentation. While giving your presentation appear confident, look at your audience, use your own words instead of reading straight from a piece of paper, and show some personality, all these things add excitement to your presentation....
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