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History 222 Second Examination Use these questions in your preparation for the exam. On exam day, you will answer one question (out of two choices) from section one, and one question (out of two choices) from section two. We will draw lots at the beginning of the exam to decide the questions from which you will choose. You may bring to the exam a pen, and one 4 X 6 card, containing any information you would like . Please put your name on your card, and hand it in with your blue book. Section One: 60 points possible 1. Define the word Progressivism, as it applied to American politics in the first twenty years of the twentieth century. Using three ( and ONLY 3 ) of the following Progressive reform issues, and explain why Progressives would have chosen each as an issue of concern: big business, tariffs, alcohol, immigration, woman suffrage (votes for women). What made these Progressive concerns? 2.
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