Review session notes for exam II

Review session notes for exam II - We have lowest voter...

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Review session notes for exam II No true or false 51 questions Chapters 6,7,8,9 covered Public opinion: how the public views a particular issue Hillary Clinton is devisive when it comes to public opinion b/c people either love or hate her. Most important influence on political socialization is your family. Generational effects: something that influences a whole generation like the Vietnam or war in Iraq. Evangelicals Republican Women Democrat Gender gap is how different genders vote Most important principal of a sample is randomness Push Poll: disguises itself as a regular poll, poll used to influence voters, biased, unscientific with leading questions. Effects of voter registration laws: decreased voter turnout, reduces the voting of blacks, voting becomes two step process, registering and voting
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Unformatted text preview: We have lowest voter turnout of any industrialized nation. 55% of eligible voters vote. College educated and elderly vote more High income equals more voters Oregon used mail in ballots in 02 Party column ballot: encourages straight ticket voting. General agreement is consensus Military is most trusted gov. institute. 2003 2 most important problems: terrorism and economy Gov. responds ot public opinion 40% of the time Interest groups: groups of people who advocate a certain issue Collective action allows individual groups of people to influence gov. Solidary is belonging to an interest group to feel a sense of belonging AARP is largest interest group...
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Review session notes for exam II - We have lowest voter...

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