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Cheat Sheet Test #1

Cheat Sheet Test #1 - Thermosetting – polymer once set by...

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Crystalline – material which the atoms repeat or periodic in arrangement. Lattice – 3d array of points coinciding with atom position Coordination number – number of atoms touching any 1 atom in a crystal Atomic packing factor – percent of unit cell that is atom and not empty space Polymorphsim – elements that have more than one crystal structure Allotropy - same as polymorphism Grain boundary – where two crystals meet Anisotropy –different values of a property in different directions Isotropic – same values regardless of direction Thermoplastic – polymer that softens when heated
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Unformatted text preview: Thermosetting – polymer, once set by heat, won’t change under heat Micelles (crystallites) – small crystalline regions Spherulites – sphere of polymer crystals, being highly random Self-interstitial – atom crowded into a space, creating a void somewhere else Frenkel defect – cation is forced to move into an interstitial site Schottky defect – removing an anion and cation Edge dislocation – extra half plane of atoms (dislocation line) Screw dislocation – shear stress...
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