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Cheat Sheet Test #1 - Thermosetting polymer, once set by...

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Crystalline – material which the atoms repeat or periodic in arrangement. Lattice – 3d array of points coinciding with atom position Coordination number – number of atoms touching any 1 atom in a crystal Atomic packing factor – percent of unit cell that is atom and not empty space Polymorphsim – elements that have more than one crystal structure Allotropy - same as polymorphism Grain boundary – where two crystals meet Anisotropy –different values of a property in different directions Isotropic – same values regardless of direction Thermoplastic – polymer that softens when heated
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Unformatted text preview: Thermosetting polymer, once set by heat, wont change under heat Micelles (crystallites) small crystalline regions Spherulites sphere of polymer crystals, being highly random Self-interstitial atom crowded into a space, creating a void somewhere else Frenkel defect cation is forced to move into an interstitial site Schottky defect removing an anion and cation Edge dislocation extra half plane of atoms (dislocation line) Screw dislocation shear stress...
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