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Equilibrium is achieved when the free energy is at a minimum. Metastable –not at eq. that lasts for a long time. Isomorphic –having the same structure (BCC or FCC). Tie line – isotherm. Lever rule – phase amt. Eq. includes Temp. Invariant pt. – triple pt. Eutectoid – solid into 2 other solids. Eutectic – liq. Into 2 solids. Spheroidite –heated austenite and left for long time. Martensite –austenite quenched. Precipitation hardening –age hardening; small particles formed by heating and cooling. Phonon –single quantum elastic energy (like photon). Coeff. Therm. Expansion –material prop. that is indicative of extent of expansion
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Unformatted text preview: (or contract). Therm. Conductivity –proportionality constant between heat flux and temp. gradient. Therm. Stress –residual stress due to heating. Therm. Shock –fracture of mat. due to rapid temp. changes. Anode –electrode that gives up e or oxidizes. Cathode –electrode that takes e or reduces. Galvanic series –ranking of metals and electrochemical rxn by seawater. Passity –loss of chem. . rxtiveness....
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