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Name_____________________________ Team No._______ ENGR 213 Quiz 4 9 OC 02 CLOSED BOOK and NOTES, INDIVIDUAL WORK 1. On a stress-strain plot for a ductile metal, show the following four items: 1) yield and 2) tensile strength values; and the points where 3) plastic deformation and 4) necking begin. 6 pts 2. Sketch on the graph below two curves, one representing a strongly bonded material and the other a
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Unformatted text preview: weakly bonded material. 3 pts 3. Define ductility and resilience. 3 pts Ductility—the degree of PD sustained at fracture. Measured as length or area change. Resilience—capacity of material to absorb energy up to yield stress. 4. On a stress-strain plot, sketch the three types of elastomer behavior. 3 pts σ y TS Necking begins PD begins...
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