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Quiz-6-soln - Name Team No ENGR 213 Quiz 6 23 OC 02 CLOSED...

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Name_____________________________ Team No._______ ENGR 213 Quiz 6 23 OC 02 CLOSED BOOK and NOTES, TEAM WORK 1. List the four stages of ductile fracture. 4 pts 1. necking 2. cavities 3. cracking 4. shear fracture 2. Give the equation for the stress concentration factor, Kt, defining terms and units. 3 pts K t = σ m / σ 0 where σ m is the maximum stress at the tip and σ 0 is the applied stress (Pa or psi) 3. Sketch, on a plot of temperature versus impact energy, a curve for steel, showing the brittle-to-
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