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The salary of Peace Corps workers

The salary of Peace Corps workers - The cost of Peace Corps...

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The cost of Peace Corps workers $200 A week per person; from The World Book Encyclopedia 1991 p.209 salary What does the Peace Corps do, by the World Book Encyclopedia 1991 p.207 Improve agriculture, Health care, education, local leadership, and local management of community resources and helps develop small businesses. Volunteers serve in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and various islands in the Pacific Ocean. They live and work with people of the host country. The most important part of their work consists of training the people to do the job that the volunteers are doing. Fr example, a Peace Corps carpenter may teach people construction skills as he or she works. The peace corps cooperates with volunteer organizations of other countries and with the United Nations Volunteer Program. The corps also works various private organizations in the United States. For example, the Peace Corps Partnership Program works with American schools, civic organizations, youth groups, and other private organizations.
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