4e for many metals g time dependent elastic behavior

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Unformatted text preview: ignificant for metals important for polymers Even simple tension can lead to shear sin 2 1 + cos 2 ' = cos = ' = sin cos = 2 2 2 On arbitrary plane thru sample Stress is ' Shear ' So simple stress generates shear Often seen with samples having close-packed planes at angle to axis 16 Shear in tension 17 MORE ELASTIC PROPERTIES - 2 = Poisson's ratio 0 < < 0.5 0.25 - 0.35 for metals isotropic & homogeneous case: E = 2G (1 + ) lateral =- axial ELASTIC PROPERTIES Summary Response of materials to mechanical forces Four categories of stress-strain response Linear elastic parameters Young's modulus Shear modulus Poisson's ratio Metals and ceramics Both have linear stress-strain response Ceramics smaller strain than metals 20...
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