Smaller strains eg 1e 3 testing methods different

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Unformatted text preview: ethods different Difficult to provide samples with specified geometry Grip without fracture problem Accuracy with small strains 11 Putting the Squeeze on Ceramics 3 or 4 pt load test Combines comp & tension TS ~ 0.1 CS TS dominates result 12 Ceramic Stress-Strain Relation Small strains Linear Fractures 13 OTHER TESTS OF MATERIALS Compression test similar to Tension test compressive stress, strain defined as negative Shear & Torsional tests F = pure shear force or torque (T) A0 Strain = f (T) = f (angle of twist ) = tan MORE ELASTIC PROPERTIES - 1 Shearing Shear stress Shear strain G = shear modulus G ~ 0.4E for many metals = G time-dependent elastic behavior ins...
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