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Test1-list - 1 ENGR 213 LEARNING OBJECTIVES#1 Material...

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ENGR 213 LEARNING OBJECTIVES #1 Material Types – Ch 1 1. Compare/contrast/describe three major types of materials: metals, ceramics, polymers Atomic Bonding & Material Props – Ch 2 1. Explain the importance of quantum mechanics in explaining atomic structure and the periodic table 2. Define 4 quantum numbers 3. Define the following terms: electron configuration, valence electrons, stable configuration. 4. Describe and sketch relationships of bonding force or energy with interatomic separation. Identify bonding energy and equilibrium spacing. 5. Compare/contrast/discuss different types of bonding (ionic, covalent, metallic, VDW, H) e.g., energy ranges of bond types, directional nature, and example elements or compounds having each bond type 6. Calculate degree of ionic bond 7. Define electronegativity and use it to predict bonding types 8. Explain significance and relationship between material properties and bonding energy Crystal Structure — Ch 3 1. Define lattice and unit cell 2.
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