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Test2-list-part A

Test2-list-part A - 8 Compare/contrast engineering and true...

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ENGR 213 LEARNING OBJECTIVES #2a In addition to listed items, review example problems in text. Diffusion — Ch 6 1. Define two types of diffusion 2. Define steady-state diffusion 3. Define and apply Fick's 1 st and 2 nd Laws, including use of the semi-infinite solution 4. Identify factors that affect diffusion 5. Describe the relationship between the diffusion coefficient and temperature and find the constants in this relationship given specific data 6. Mechanical Properties — Ch 7 1. 2. 3. Define critical shear stress 4. Define a mechanical property in general 5. 6. 7.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Compare/contrast engineering and true stress and strain 9. Define mechanical properties, including modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, yield strength, tensile strength, % elongation, % reduction in area 10. Define strain hardening 11. Describe the following tests, including a graph of the test data and the mechanical property(s) obtained from the test data: a. tensile test b. flexural / bending beam test 12. Describe the effects of temperature on the stress-strain behavior of materials 13. Explain relationship between microstructure, composition, & prior history on elastic & plastic mechanical properties 14. Describe the three stress-strain behaviors of metals 15. Describe necking in metals versus polymers 16. Define toughness 17. Define hardness 18. Define design stress and working stress 19. Explain why design/safety factors are needed. 1...
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