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Test2-list-part B - 1 ENGR 213 LEARNING OBJECTIVES#2b In...

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ENGR 213 LEARNING OBJECTIVES #2b In addition to listed items, review example problems in text. Deformation & Strengthening — Ch 8 1. Explain the discrepancy between theoretical and experimentally measured yield strengths of materials 2. Describe both types of dislocation motion and indicate the mechanism of motion around an obstacle 3. Locate preferred positions of impurities around edge dislocations 4. Define slip system, compare/contrast slip systems for different crystal structures (FCC and BCC). 5. Compare/contrast slip in metals and in ceramics 6. Compare/contrast slip in single crystals and polycrystalline materials 7. List 4 types of strengthening mechanisms & obstacles to dislocation motion for each; identify the mechanism that causes a change in properties 8. Define cold working and calculate the amount of CW. 9. Define and describe changes in properties with recovery, recrystallization, & grain growth 10. Identify strengthening mechanisms that do and do not depend on temperature 11.
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