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Tyler Wood Last Revised: 11/13/06 “While teens actively participate in church activities and prayer, a survey conducted by the Barna group found that 61% of what we call the twenty-something year olds had at one point in their life been: attending church regularly, reading the bible daily, and actively praying from day to day. That now they were no longer even going to church. Only one-fifth of twenty-something year olds have maintained a level of spiritual activity consistent with their high school experiences while the majority disengaged from church activity. And nearly one-fifth of college students were never taught Christianity in their teen years and still have not been taught Christianity.” (Barrick 1) That means that only one out of five active Christian teens maintained their spiritual engagement as they entered adulthood. Hello my name is Tyler Wood and today my thesis is that, parents should train their children to be Christians all throughout their childhood so that they don’t go astray in college. Fifty percent of teens can be seen attending a church-related service or activity in a typical week. And more than 75 percent can be found discussing matters of personal faith and beliefs with their peers. 60 percent of teens can be found coming to at least 1 church youth meeting in a three-month period. And roughly one out of three teenagers said that they attend at least one church or spiritual related school activity in an average school year. With many Christian leaders calling today's teens the largest generation, these statistics represent "significant prospects for influencing the nation's 24 million teens," stated the report. Compared to older adults, what we call the twenty something year olds have significantly lower levels of church attendance, time spent alone studying and reading the Bible, volunteering to help churches, donations to churches, and Sunday school and small group involvement. There is quite a bit of debate on both sides of the issue of is the disengagement of twenty something year olds just being a lifestage issue. That is, is there a predictable element in people’s development as they go through various occupational, chronological, and family stages, or if this is just a unique generation. There is probably some truth to both sides of the issue however these debates are missing the point and that is that the current amount and level of ministry to twenty something year olds is inadequate to address their spiritual needs. As we all know the early twenties are very important years for people they’re the times when people are deciding: what do I want to be, what kind of a lifestyle will I want to live, who am I going to marry, etc… even though they may not realize it they basically are asking themselves these questions. A quote by David Kinnaman the Director of research in the study, it states that the importance of a youth group isn’t the cool factor, or the number of attendants, but by the devotion of each attendant to Christ. From some
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Tyler Persuasive speech 06 - Tyler Wood Last Revised:...

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