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Unformatted text preview: Preparing for a Weight Loss Program Karin Corriere Texas A&M University Diet facts According to the FDA: Tens of millions of people are dieting at any given time Most people trying to lose weight fall into diet traps Many people who diet fail to lose weightor, if they do lose, fail to maintain the lower weight over the long term Why are quickfix diets so popular? Quick fix diets are a multimillion dollar industry. The reason for this is because most people are looking for a quick fix for their weight problems. These diets often lack scientific data and research to support the claims they make Seem easier than making a healthy lifestyle change It seems to be working? Initially quickfix diets seem to be working because rapid weight loss is seen Most of this weight loss if from changes in water balance Weight loss from changes in water balance is usually put back on as quick as it came off Dieting Mistakes Most dieters don't eat enough Most dieters want to lose weight too fast Most dieters don't understand good nutrition Question 1 Does the diet leave out exercise or physical activity? People who exercise regularly are generally more successful at losing weight and keeping it off Regular physical activity is an important part of effective weight loss and weight management How exercise helps to control weight It burns calories It can raise you metabolic rate It can gradually reduce fat and increase muscle It helps to keep you positive and motivated Question 2 Does the diet require you to purchase special food, drinks, or meals? Diet programs that require you to purchase special food usually only benefit one person the person selling the product They are often over priced and limit where, when and what you can eat Question 3 Does the diet emphasize one food group or another or completely eliminate one food group? If your diet asks you to eliminate one food group or eat an abundance of another you are probably missing out on essential vitamins and minerals that a wellbalance diet would provide for you Eat a variety, in moderation and balance Carbohydrate Scare Excluding carbohydrates is becoming increasingly popular among creators of fad diets Some of these diets include: The Atkins Diet, The Sugar Buster Diet, Protein Power, and the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Question 4 Does this diet emphasize plan require you to cut your caloric intake to extremely low levels? Verylow calorie diets can be very dangerous if not medically supervised Calorie Requirements: Women: 1, 400 to 1,600 daily Men: 1,800 to 2,000 daily If calorie restriction doesn't work what does? Eat only when you are hungry Eat low on the food pyramid Exercise Limit mindless snacking Consume little or no alcohol Be aware of eating triggers Don't feed your feelings Question 5 Does the diet promise unrealistic results? To lose weight, your body needs to burn more energy than it is taking in If it sounds too good to be trueit is Eat all you want and lose weight! Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks! Lose 2 dress sizes in 1 week! Question 6 Does the diet have a magic diet aid? Over the counter diet aids, including nutritional supplements and diet pills are designed specifically for quick and easy weight loss The safety of these products is largely unknown Diet Aids Capsules, powders, tablets, packets Most have been shown ineffective in helping people lose weight Claim they work by burning or inhibiting the production of fat, cleansing the system, blocking fat using powered fibers, or suppressing the appetite and increasing energy Question 7 Is this diet something that you could continue for the rest of your life? Any plan you choose to lose weight should be one you can continue indefinitely A consistent plan for leading a healthy lifestyle is the best way to achieve lasting weight loss Choosing a Safe Weight Loss Program The diet should be safe, it should contain all of the RDAs for minerals, vitamins and protein It should be directed towards steady gradual weight loss Your program should include plans for weight management Requirements for Proper Weight Loss Must have an incentive to lose weight Must be willing to modify your dietary and exercise habits Must be willing to accept slow, gradual weight loss Must be prepared to learn about proper nutrition and exercise Your success of you weight loss program is going to depend on you think and feel. Staying motivated and positive is going to increase your chances of success Remember the following: Staying Positive Reward yourself for short and long term goals Keep a record of your progress Always remember that weight loss is not a cycle of up and down but a lifestyle change Conclusion Choose a diet that: Does not exclude physical activity Does not require you to purchase special meals or dietary supplements Does not cut your caloric intake to unhealthy levels or emphasizes or eliminates food groups Does not make unrealistic promises You can do for the rest of your life! ...
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