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Unformatted text preview: Body Image Catherine N. Rasberry, M.S. Graduate Assistant Texas A&M University Body Image Overview Definition History The Current Situation Influences Consequences Solutions Body Image: Definition "The mental image we have of our own physical appearance" A term describing a dimension of one's selfconcept that often includes aspects of "physical appearance, size, and shape." May be influenced by a variety of factors: parents, peers, society, etc. (Greenberg, J. S., Bruess, C. E., & Haffner, D. W., 2000) "Women's Body Image." Wellesley College. Available from <> Body Image: History Late 1800s Early 1900s 1920s 1930s Extremely narrow waist (corset) More natural shape Flapper look: slim and straight Larger bust; slim waist ("Body Image and Health," 2002) Body Image: History 1940s1950s 1960s1970s 1980s1990s Slender legs; voluptuous curves Some women pushed for a more natural look; increased attention to "thighs and buttocks" More muscular and athletic ("Body Image and Health," 2002) Body Image: The Current Situation Women vs. Men Women are less satisfied with their bodies than men Women are more concerned with having an ideal shape than men Women perceived themselves as larger than the ideal more often than men Women seem to...
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