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Chapter8dno - Physical Activity Concepts& Essential...

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Unformatted text preview: Physical Activity Concepts & Essential Facts James M. Eddy Texas A&M University Body MeasurementsEssential Facts Exercise can change the shape of the body but only within limits imposed by body types. endomorph mesomorph ectomorph Essential Facts Given the limits of body type, three factors effect shape and measurement. fat muscle mass muscle strength Essential Facts These three factors work together in different ways to effect shaping different part of the body. thighs and buttocks waist breast and chest muscular definition The Basic Measurement of Fitness-Essential Facts Deeper breathing and rapid heart rate are signs that the body's oxygen delivery system is being over loaded. The body uses oxygen to manufacture energy. Of all the components of fitness, the ability of the body to produce energy is the most important. Essential Facts The body's ability to take oxygen for energy is the main benefit of fitness. Just as muscles get stronger when it is used regularly, so does the energy network. The body's ability to take oxygen for energy is influenced by heredity and personal training. The Basic Measurement of Fitness- The Fitness Formula. Frequency Intensity Time Measuring Activity IntensityEssential Facts Activity intensity is measured by heart rate. The target zone is the range within which activity is helping to improve aerobic fitness. The upper limit of the target zone is 200 beats/ minutes minus your age. The lower limit is 170 beats/minute minus age. Figure your target zone. Essential Facts Activity is checked by taking your pulse either at the wrist or the neck. Neck...lift chin slightly and press the tips of your fingers lightly into the soft spot in the throat...feel the pulse. Counting the first beat as zero,count the beats for 15 seconds and multiply by four. Wrist...hold palm up...with tips of your first three fingers press lightly into the groove below your wrist just below the thumb...feel the pulse...count. Activity level can also be gauged subjectively. Cardiovascular Benefits Reduced resting heart rate Increase stroke volume Longer rests between heart beats Increased aerobic capacity Lowering of blood pressure Lowering fats in blood serum Body Composition Benefits Decrease in % body fat Increase in muscle mass Control of weight Better physique Psychological Benefits Heightened sense of calm Increased ability to handle stress Improves total wellbeing Better body image Depression may be eased Increased perception and awareness Quality of life improves ...
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