project3_f06 - Math 150 Fall 2006 Excel Assignment 3 due...

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Math 150 Name(s): Fall 2006 Excel Assignment 3 due Nov 10, 2006 Instructions: 1. Before you start, read the instructions on the Week 11 web page and then work through Excel tutorial 3 2. Fill your answers in the yellow areas, and upload the completed spreadshe 3. THIS PROJECT HAS 4 PROBLEMS ON 4 DIFFERENT WORKSHEETS. TAKE CARE THAT YOU ATTEMPT ALL OF THEM 4. We won't start grading assignments until after the grace period has expired If you submitted your assignment in time (you can check under the Excel li you don't need to worry if it shows up as overdue for a couple of days. By submitting this assignment you confirm that this represents your own work. Submitting someone else's spreadsheet as your own will be treated as cheating. Problem 1 (10 points) This is Matched Problem 3, page 325. The answer is given on page 326, so you can check your solution. A farmer owns a 100-acre farm and plans to plant at most three crops. The seed for crops A, B and C cost $24, $40 and $30 per acre, respectively. A maximum of $3,600 can be spent on seed. Crops A, B and C require 1, 2 and 2 workdays per acre, respectively, and there are a maximum of 160 workdays available. If the farmer can make a profit of $140 per acre on crop A, $200 per acre on crop B, and $160 per acre on crop C, how many acres of each crop should be planted to maximize profit? Fill in the formulas for constraints and objective function. If you want, you can also write down the constraints themselves, as shown for the seed cost. Then call up the solver, fill in all the data, and have it find the optimal values for the variables. You will get graded on having the correct formulas for constraints and objectives (the formulas, not just the numbers), and the correct values for the variables. acreage for
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This lab report was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course MATH 150 taught by Professor Thompson during the Fall '06 term at Iowa State.

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project3_f06 - Math 150 Fall 2006 Excel Assignment 3 due...

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