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Sociology 134 Grading Scale The most important thing to practically any student is getting good grades. The same thing goes for me. The way a grading scale is forced upon students has drastically shaped how we learn. In the book “This book is not required,” it is mentioned that if the grading scale was to be eliminated every student would probably stop learning new ideas and concepts. I agree completely. My only goal as I have gone through school is to get good grades. It was never about making sure I learned as much as I could , rather it was about passing the class and pleasing my parents and teachers. I believe the grading scale has radically affected how I view learning. It is the only thing that keeps my attendance on track and my homework up to date. If I was to have grown up without a grading scale I’m sure I would be considerably smarter. Since I have always known a grading scale it keeps my focus on getting an A, and not actually growing
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Unformatted text preview: intellectually. Going to class and getting good grades is what gets an individual a degree in a specific field. Well what if there was an easier way that being able to buy a degree. If it was possible to purchase a degree without doing all the work Im sure I would. Instead of going to class and doing homework I would be able to work full time and make money while waiting for my degree. If classes were optional chances are I would attend a few classes. That way I would at least have an understanding of what my purchased degree would be about. If I didnt go to class I would probably do some research about my degree in my free time. In any case, if there was a chance to buy a degree I think I would do it, only because it would give me more time to do other activities....
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