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Parable of the monkey 2 - emerged the modern monkeys. These...

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Sociology 134 Section 19 Parable of the Monkeys, Part II 09/22/06 The traditional monkeys differed from the modern monkeys in many ways. Before the tree tops were connected the monkeys were very isolated. The traditional monkeys lived in small communities. Every monkey knew every other monkey. They gathered food together, they learned together, and they condemned outsiders who came in and those who rebelled. There was no individual freedom for the traditional monkeys. They were living a predetermined path set for them from their ancestors. They were unable to make any of their own choices for fear of being killed or exiled from their secluded group. Every monkey in the traditional tree tops shared the same views. They all shared one god and all believed the same thing. Once the monkeys were forced out of their tree tops everything changed. After all the different groups of traditional monkeys blended together a new group
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Unformatted text preview: emerged the modern monkeys. These monkeys were the ones who adapted and brought individual freedom. In order for separate traditional groups to live together they needed to allow free choice. The once small individual groups became large, dense populations. Traditional monkeys knew everything about everyone they lived with, but the modern monkeys only knew a little bit about the small group of people they lived with. Modern monkeys worked far from home, and coworkers lived far from each other. The sense of one religion from the traditional monkeys changed to many religions in which a monkey could chose in the modern world. Once the traditional monkeys moved together with other traditional groups their lives changed and will never be the same again....
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