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Soc Essay - sick relative or friend Instead I hope that...

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Sociology 235 Mid Term Essay My religion views are very unique to myself. I was born and raised a catholic. My entire school career I attended a catholic school, so I am pretty well educated in the beliefs and ways of Catholicism. My tolerance of religion as deteriorated as I have grown older. Now that I am older and free from my parent’s hold on my life I think I can know say I am not a catholic but actually an agnostic. I do not go to church any day of the week, except for the select holidays that I am with my family (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter). I don’t pray in the sense most people do. I don’t say The Lord’s Prayer or a Hail Mary before going to bed, nor do I pray for answers to a problem or for a
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Unformatted text preview: sick relative or friend. Instead I hope that everything turns out. I don’t look to a higher power for answers or help. The culture closest to my religion ways would have to be The culture with the most difference to my religion ways is Similar to my religious ways, my economic ways are very unique. I have a strong work ethic; if I am at a job I will work until the end. I don’t cut corners and always perform at my best. For time ways I would have to say I am very impulsive and do not like routines. With earning money and wealth distribution I believe that if you work harder then someone else you should earn more then them. Likewise, if you don’t work at all you shouldn’t be given any money....
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