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English 105 September 5, 2006 In today’s advertisement using emotions to persuade possible customers has overtaking the business. It is impossible to watch T.V. for an hour and not see a commercial were sex is being used to sell alcohol or colognes and perfumes. This has become the main focus of every corporation’s campaigns. There are many different ways emotions are used to catch a viewer’s attention. Showing a starved, poverty stricken child in South America is a sympathetic way to get people to send money to people in third world countries. People feel bad when they see things like that and feel obligated to send their money. Knowing when to use certain emotions in arguments, especially for persuasion, is the most important component writing and advertising. Writers trying to persuade a reader that pro-choice is good should not say how many abortions are performed annually, and the negative impact it has on the people involved.
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Unformatted text preview: Doing so completely negates their whole purpose of the writing. Knowing who your audience is another important thing to remember. Don’t try explaining current fashion trends in teenagers to the elderly in a nursing home. Chances are they probably could care less about current trends. Instead, maybe inform them on social security options and benefits. Using humor in arguments is a good way to ease the tension in intense situation. If the audience is a group of people are feeling down or depressed, a short joke could easily start off a conversation and help them feel better. Knowing when and how to persuade using emotions has to be the most important factors in arguments. Learning these tricks can by complicated and difficult at times. With enough practice it will become easier and easier over time....
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