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Unformatted text preview: page 8 (For Posing - . amm— exawfi ys’ Physics 221 - Fall, 192,6! Laboratory Final This laboratory final consists of 8 questions, each worth 1/2 point toward your total score for the course. 87. 15400-100 E 1'” What is the distance between the jaws of the vernier caliper shown below? “a: pay J! x ;quuqfifiWWflflflH 30123‘567‘,1 '! quqquqquqq 1f 2? I 3? I I 5 60 10 s IHCh t IIIHIHHIHIHHIHIII Innuhndnuhnfluu .“3'wm':':‘!‘1'!___,o.os~~ 9 a-“ 9.0 m D. m E. CI C. B. 10.08 mm 41M!» 88. The sequentially numbered spark marks shown at the right record the position of an object; these data were taken using a spark generator operating at 1.0 Hertz. The object was released on a nearly frictionless, flat, inclined surface. Estimate from this information (if you can) the constant acceleration of the object? (in (mm/s)/s) A. 0.9 c. 6.3 D. The acceleration of this object is clearly not constant for the intervals shown. E. There is insufficient information to estimate the acceleration. is sparKs é~7 ! Ax: 15mm '3‘: '17-): ‘Swmls mi: / ._ 2 " .‘fnii: sharks 0’! N“ “Mm 'fi:%mmk TE”’ 0;. 92:... awn/s ~ gym/52 At 9 5 age. = Physics 221-F85-Fina1 page 9 . ‘ . CELL OUTPUT cell resting on 9 uv its side cell alone hanging 5.0 lb sack -176 uV hanging from cell 89. Assume that you-have a load cell (such as used in 221 lab) that produced the outputs shown in the table at the right for the conditions described. Also assume that the cell is designed to have a linear relation between its'output and the force applied to the sensitive portion of the cell. Based on this information, what is the calibration constant of this cell in units of uV/lb? lgfz A. 35.2 n. 150 c. 33.4 a. 0.033‘ 2501” LSD v’.s == 3OXAKZ65— ball catcher 90. In laboratory, the ballistic pendulum //~l“11 sketched at the right was used. In rum analyzing a typical event, the distance h shown was measured and used to deduce the velocity, v', of the ball and catcher immediately after the collision. What physical concepts and assumptions are used to derive this particular relationship only? A. conservation of mechanical energy and linear momentum during the swing. (:%:>conservation of mechanical energy during the swing. . conservation of mechanical energy during both the swing and catch. D. conservation of linear momentum during the swing. E. conservation of linear momentum during the swing and catch. 91. If the result of a measurement of a time interval is determined to be (in seconds) 0.0002605 a: 0.01 ‘ which of the following expresses the measured value in a form consistent with standard practice in the use of significant figures. A. 2.6x10‘“ B. 2.605x10-1+ c. 0.3x10-3 n. w _Physics 221-F85-Final ; page 10 . brass disk ' 92. In laboratory, you observed the motion of a massive flywheel resulting from a mass r a, ' hubs " suspended from a string as shown. Which of the ii following best describes that motion after the nutmdduw”' { mass was released‘and allowed to fall? i Consider only the interval before the mass reached the floor. a3 WW th A. The angular position of wheel changed by an equal amount with the passage of each equally-sized interval of time. B. The angular displacement of the wheel (from its position at the time of release of the mass) increased uniformly (i.e., linearly) with time. (9 The angular velocity of the wheel increased by a fixed amount with the passage of each equally-sized interval of time. D. The angular acceleration of the wheel increased at a uniform rate as the mass fell. E. The angular velocity of the wheel is constant until the mass reaches the floor. /pulley 93. The position, x, of an air cart constrained by springs at each end as shown is recorded by noting the position of the right edge of the cart on a scale mounted along the~track. The position at equilibrium and at its point of release for several runs are given in the table. T a Pernod [3 near) IHdé’Peerlérrr 01: m I 14.2%.. The perio o the motion for osc lations during run #1 was observed to be approximately 1.413. Estimate the period for the oscillations during run #2. A. 2.82 B.‘ 1.99 c. 1.00 n. 0.70 94. Consider a simple mass/spring system. Assume you have available the measurements for a study of the relationship between the period, T, and the value of the suspended mass, m. // //// W e uilibrium Show” 4.. $+fdf3ii+ #176 kJ How would you advise that this data be plotted so as to test the degree of validity of the standard theory for this simple oscillator, and perhaps also to extract a value for the spring constant of the spring? plot T vs 131/2 B. plot T vs m C. plot 1:: vs. T D. plot T vs m2 . It really does not matter in this case; any of the above plots would be \equally useful. _ END of EXAMINATION ...
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lab1985F - page 8(For Posing amm— exawfi ys’ Physics...

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