lab1990S - PHYSICS 221 — SPRING, 1990 Laboratory Final...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYSICS 221 — SPRING, 1990 Laboratory Final This laboratory final consists of 8 questions, each worth 2 points toward your total score for the course. 57. What is the distance between the jaws of the vernier caliper shown below. w“ II‘C L 4" 1mm .01 I .o'z I .nla ‘ .04 .m' J: '[I’illll}I'1II'I‘IIIIIIIII‘III‘I'l‘"I[IIIHQHHIHH'WHI}ll'[.|)|l‘['l'['|'[.l.|'l.|i Illmllxyvllmuu Illml'u I [ma tlllllxmx'lmll 123‘5‘759123‘5‘7|!21 ‘5 123‘56339 12 0 0 0 I I was 59‘s inch 8“ 1O 20 3 o»— N N”. 3 3 60 10 80 90 10 110 1 0 130 nun nuilllll' HUH“InuluulnnlnvIunhnuhnulu uhuuiunl-.,. 'fikw-‘il'iz‘fn «.2 i.~_-.'r~';:?;-'.L ‘75:" 7T. g-":‘.:{ /0 mm imam scale) + (9.? 1mm (Wm/r stifle) C) 9.0 mm B) 10.08 mm 58. A long flat board is supported by two members of rectangular cross-section resting on a level surface as shown; What is the Vinclination of the board (in degrees) with respect to the horizontal? A) 53 B) 1.53 C) 1.33 D) 0.92 59. (gsq— mun; (539V 5M 5111' ' 5J0 lb sack hanging from 259 pV cell . M from cell X = (9,30% Assume that you have a load cell (such as used in 221 lab) that produced the outputs shown in the table above for the conditions described. Also assume that the cell is designed to have a linear relation between its output and the force applied to the sensitive portion of the cell. Based on this information, estimate the weight of the (baby) porcupine (in lbs). A) 3.7 B) 5.9 D) 6.3 E) Cannot be determined from the information given 60. In laboratory, the' ballistic pendulum sketched at the right& was used. In analyzing a typical event, the giggaggg_h shown was measured and used to deduce the velocity, v’, of the 'ball and catcher immediately after the collision. What physical concepts and assumptions are used to derive this particular relationship only? A) conservation of linear momentum during the swing. rack , ball catcher ‘ V ballg / spr ing gun hash == Jinn)" B) conservation of linear momentum during the swing and catch. C conservation of mechanical energy and linear momentum during the swing. conservation of mechanical energy during the swing. E) conservation of mechanical energy during both the swing and catch. 61. Consider the collision of two identical hockey pucks on a smooth ice rink. Assume that by analyzing the videotape of the collision, various but not all components of the momenta of the two pucks before and after collision have been determined and are recorded in the table below. Assume that there is negligible friction with the ice, but that the pucks are soft and that considerable kinetic energy is "lost" in the collision. Under these assumptions, what is the value (if it can be determined) of the entry marked with the "x"? Before collision After collision Puck #1 Puck #2 Puck #1 Puck #2 ‘ I +" B) —o.02 C) — D) —0.62 . E Cannot be determined since the kinetic energy of the pucks was not conserved during the collision. - m. K =-0‘ 3‘? 62. Using the rotating wheel apparatus such as you used in lab, a second disk is dropped concentrically upon the wheel as it is rotating freely. Which of the following graphs best represents the total an ular momentum (wheel plus disk) versus time before, during, and after the disk is dropped? ‘ ~ t- i. L @ A (9 C . D V E 1‘. A i I j: ‘ Except “6F ‘5;le 4+2 H16 bem‘hjs’ L: CanS‘fant. Thus, H’xere is Jus‘t a. jracluat deer-case lb stfizx J 'no drawmwh'c awe occurinj at #7:. fime of e rap, i 63. As was done in lab, the equilibrium position, x, of one edge of an air. cart constrained m" by springs at each end (as shown) is recorded as various masses are hung from a piece of tape attached to one end of the cart. Assume the mass of the cart is 300 gm. tape position of edge total mass - g of cart (m) on end of tape (gm) 0.320 “ 20 0.412 30 ‘ 0.504 40 If the mass of the cart is increased to a total of 600 gm, what is the equilibrium position of the edge of the cart when a total of 40 gm is hanging from the tape? (Assume the cart is still capable of moving with little dra along the track.) A) 0.320 B) 0.252 C) 0.640 TLL mu; 04‘ 44v... E) cannot be determined from the information given Cart does not . OS. 64. Consider a simple series circuit (as shown) e c' :5 7) a. containing a special current regulator which / I limits the current to a value of 2.0 mA. , reg. + Assume the potential difference across the + capacitor, Vc, varies as shown when the switch is closed. .. . __ m A :— AL At L—————:] :3 (JXI53A3QO 5) x = X153 Cow/Mi” Va VC (Va H‘s) 5' la [5 20 I <5) Estimate, if possible, the magnitude of the charge on each plate of the capacitor at t = 20 s. (in the SI unit of charge) A) 40 B) 0.04 C) 0.008 D) 5.0 E) Cannot be determined from the information given. ...
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lab1990S - PHYSICS 221 — SPRING, 1990 Laboratory Final...

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