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Unformatted text preview: Childbirth Process of Childbirth Initiated by a series of hormonal changes at about 9 months after conception Happens in 3 stages Stage 1: 2 events occur (lasts 12-14 hours w/1st child & 4-6 hrs w/later births) Dilation & effacement of cervix Transition Process of Childbirth (contd) Stage 2: 2 events take place (50 minutes w/1st baby and 20 mins. w/later ones) Pushing Birth of the baby Stage 3: Delivery of the placenta (lasts 5-10 minutes) The Beginnings of Life Birth and the Newborn Infant Stages of Labor What do new babies look like? Average length is 20" Average wt. is 7 1/2 pounds Boys a little longer & heavier than girls Head is very large in comparison to trunk and legs (short & bowed) Have some attractive features round faces, chubby cheeks, big eyes Assessment of Newborn's physical Condition APGAR Scale: done at 1 and 5 minutes 5 characteristics are measured with a score of 0, 1, or 2 Total score of 7 or more = good cond. Score of 4-6 = baby needs some assist. Score of 3 or less = baby is in danger A =Appearance (color) P=Pu lse (heart rate) G=Grim ace (reflex irritability) A=Activity (m u scle tone) R=respiration (respiratory effort) Sign Blu e bod y, arm s, Pink bod y, blu e legs arm s,legs N o heartbeat N o response Ap gar 0 Score 1 Pink bod y, arm s, legs 2 Und er 100 beats 100140 bpm per m inu te Weak response Strong Response Com pletely lim p Weak m ovem ents Strong m ovem ents N o breathing for Shallow , labored Strong breathing 60 second s breathing & crying ...
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