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Chapter's Study Guide - American Government, 2008 Texas...

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American Government, 2008 Texas Edition O’Connor, Sabato, Haag, and Keith The book is a combined American and Texas Government book. The chapters which deal with Texas begin with chapter 20. However, you may wish to read the preface, the section on features, and the section on an Analyzing Visuals: A Brief Guide at the beginning of the textbook. Study Guide Questions Chapter 20 The Context of Texas Politics 1. Outline the four significant demographic changes that occurred in Texas between the 1990 and 2000 census. Give an example of the socio-economic impact that may result from these changes. 2. What four factors do the authors of this chapter examine in discussing what it means to be a Texan? (pp. 736-737) 3. In what ways did the Native Americans impact western culture? What were the four mainstays of Spanish colonization? What was the legacy of the Spanish colonies? During what period did the Mexican population of Texas grow? Trace the demographic numbers and distribution of the Afro- American population since the 1820’s. Trace the growth of the Asian-American population in Texas. How is the term “Anglo” used in this discussion? What was the pattern of Anglo settlement? 4. Read through the “Politics Now” section on p. 739. 5. What have been the patterns of population increase since the 1970’s? (Hint: natural increase vs immigration, urbanization, and suburban growth.) Where are the fastest growing metropolitan areas located? How has the ethnic composition of Texas changed since 1990? Evaluate the partisanship, ideology, and policy positions of Hispanics. What policy changes may be projected as Hispanics become more dominant in Texas politics? Review the chart on p. 745 and attempt to answer the question poised by the authors. 6. What are the five basic components of the Texas Creed? What are considered among the most formative? What elements contributed to the development of the individualistic philosophy of early Texans? What role has the idea of liberty played in the development of the Texan Creed? Outline the importance of constitutionalism and equality in the Texas Creed. How are the Texan Creed and the American Creed similar? How do they differ? 7. Read carefully the section on the Texas Values/Texas Voices. How important were Tejano ideas and leaders to the development of the drive for Texas independence? 8. Define political ideology. (Hint: If you have not done so for POLS 206, skim chapter one. Especially read pp. 22-25.) Review the four definitions of the political ideologies present in Texas. 9. Read the section on the Civics Education Requirement in Texas colleges and universities. 10. What was the role of cotton, cattle, and petroleum in the development of the Texas economy? Outline the changes in the economy that have occurred since the 1980’s. What are the
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Chapter's Study Guide - American Government, 2008 Texas...

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