PoliSci Notes 10-11

PoliSci Notes 10-11 - Exam 2: Tuesday, October 23 -1968...

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-1968 Presidential Election Signaled the political breakup of FDR’s coalition -FDR’s coalition: poor- southern whites, immigrants, laborers Issue- more federal spending Northern Liberals- strong centralized government that they wanted to control -Southern whites started voting in presidential elections Why? Civil Rights legislation (voting rights act) fed. of southern election Economic issue: modernization completed Vietnam War- southern whites were pro-war Democratic Party was a mixture of establishment pro-war and counter culture (hippies, anti-war) -1968 Democratic Convention, Chicago Riots, tv -Nixon 1968 -1980 Reagan; 1 st socially conservative Republican Economic and social conservatives -Republican party became social conservative and Democratic became socially liberal 1980 – Today Republican Party Socially conservative South Rural Pro-business Pro-gun Religious Pro-military Democratic Party Socially liberal North Urban Pro-labor Gun control Secular Pacifist
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PoliSci Notes 10-11 - Exam 2: Tuesday, October 23 -1968...

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