Institutional Discrimination

Institutional Discrimination - 20 • Many of these houses...

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Institutional Discrimination The markers of race (skin color, hair type, etc) mean nothing unless give cultural meaning. Race is made real when policies and practices that affect peoples life chances are based on physical difference. The Depression and WWII: Race becomes “black” and “white” The European “races” and the melting pot The Federal Housing Plan Reduced the amount needed for a down payement on a house from 50% to 10-
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Unformatted text preview: 20% • Many of these houses were financed with loans that GI’s got upon their return from WWII • Sparked a housing boom in the US • Federal investigators evaluated 239 regions across the US for risk of investing in housing in those areas • These investigators claimed that the presence of any non-white ///more These “integrated” regions:...
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