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Name:Ray ThorntonDate:10-11-18School:CentralFacilitator:Johnson6.02 Notes OutlineLesson 6.02 “Brother Can You Spare A Dime?”Answer the 6.02 Notes Outline as you review the lesson.Explore #2Migrant MotherDescribe this woman’s feelings in three words. Humble, caring, determinedHow old does she look to you? 34What can you learn about her life from this picture? It was hard for her.I. StrugglesA. Homeless in the “Hoovervilles”By 1931, there were 15,000 people in New York who were homeless in 1931.People had to make shelters from whatever scrap wood, tin, and even cardboard they couldfind.These make-shift shelters built by the homeless created shanty towns that became known asshanty towns to mock President Hoover and his lack of policy to help the poor.B. Dust BowlTo make matters worse for the nation, environmental disasters combined with harmful farmingpractices caused serious problems in the Great Plains.The Dust Bowlis the name given to a region in the Great Plains that had a period of droughtand devastating dust storms during the 1930s.Causes of the Dust Bowl included:drought, high winds, dry farming, and over production.The conditions created by the Dust Bowl caused farmers to give up and leave the plains. InOklahoma,440,000 people, nicknamed "Okies," were forced to leave. In Kansas, another300,000 people left their homes during the 1930s.C. Migratory WorkersOver three million people left the Great Plains during the 1930s in the greatest migratorymovement in American history. Many of these people, known as Americans, moved toagricultural regions, especially in West,looking for seasonal work during the Dust Bowl.Dorothea Lange was a photo journalistwho photographed migrant workers during the GreatDepression. Her photographs inspired the bookGrapes of Wrathby John Steinbeck.
Lange’s most famous work was the picture of the “Migrant Mother” that you analyzed earlier.The image is considered to be the “face” of the depression.
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