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Cochran Maxwell Cochran CAPT McCrea NS 220 November 14, 2006 The Govenator There was no way of knowing it at the time, but a baby boy born in Graz, Austria, was pre-destined for greatness . At first no one thought the phrase the Govanator could be a reality, even for most Californian’s who experienced the most outrageous election ever when Gray Davis was shoved out of his governing seat and the star of the movie The Terminator replaced him. Who would have thought of such a thing? The election process itself was treated as a joke as even Gary Coleman and a porn star tried their luck at becoming California's next governor. It came as no surprise to some when the winner was found to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. His qualifications more than suited him for the job, since his bodybuilding career through the present he has been referred to as a groundbreaker in everything he does. He accredits these successes to the attitude he fostered while bodybuilding, saying for example “I seek a constant quest for improvement”. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bold persistence enabled him to lead bodybuilding from the front, which allowed him to develop a transformational leadership role that has come to benefit bi-partisan leadership. Arnold Schwarzenegger hails from the mountain town of Thal Austria (Hall 20). As a young boy his father was a police chief who was extremely strict and demanding due to the public eye. From the time he entered grammar school through his teenage years, he had many duties on top of school work which demanded his responsibility at a young age. It was at the age of 15 that Arnold with the help of his soccer coach would discover bodybuilding. The exposure to this cutting edge sport drove Arnold wild, and 1
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Cochran he was often caught breaking into the gym in Graz to train on the weekend when it was closed (Hall 22). Over the following year his physique and dedication grew exponentially, and while serving a mandatory enlistment in the Austrian Army he won Mr. Junior Europe at the age of 18 (Leammer 55). Following the end of his enlistment Arnold once again sought self improvement, and knew he had to come to America if his big time dreams were to come true. In 1967 Arnold moved to Santa Monica, and took a job as a road worker while continuing to improve his body. This is where his hard work and dedication would come to develop him into a household name, and undisputedly placing him in history as the most accomplished bodybuilder of all time. At the age of 21 Arnold’s entrepreneurial spirit came alive with fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbo, when they started a brick laying business(Hall 42). Arnold’s market savvy and ability to relate to people were recognized along with luck of the 1971 Los Angeles earthquake in propelling this small business. He then took a bold step out of his profitable business, which he used as a stepping stone into mail order bodybuilding products. As Arnold built capital with his business partner, while still competing in bodybuilding competitions, he allowed himself to gain notoriety in the
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arnold - Cochran Maxwell Cochran CAPT McCrea NS 220 1 The...

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