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jihad anthropology 335 - Maxwell Cochran Dr Hsain Ilahiane...

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Maxwell Cochran Dr. Hsain Ilahiane Anthropology 335 Term Paper November 11, 2007 Jihad: A Double Edged Sword “Since the time of Homer every European, in what he could say about the Orient, was a racist, an imperialist, and almost totally ethnocentric,” Edward Said. Jihad like many other aspects of Middle Eastern culture has become a victim of Orientalism. Jihad has had several negative factors that have dictated its ill course. First off, terrorism has played a large role in tarnishing this Islamic principle, and secondly throughout the general western public there are just not many resources to explain the complex notion of Jihad. Through examining the religious and non-religious applications of Jihad I intend on presenting you with an impartial view of Jihad, to avoid the orientalism of Jihad and in turn Muslims as a whole. In Arabic the word "jihad" literally means struggling or striving and applies to any effort exerted by anyone, so by no means is Jihad only applicable when referring to religion. Another words Jihad can be applied to a student struggling and striving to get an education and pass course work; an employee who strives to fulfill their job and maintain good relations with their employer; a politician who strives to maintain or increase his popularity with his followers and so on. The term strive or struggle may be used for/by Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Our groundwork of the simple meaning of the term Jihad, now allows us to take a deeper look into its current cultural transformations, and begin to examine its ties to Islam. In a post 9/11 world, mainstream media has dubbed Jihad with a notion of it meaning “Holy War”, when this is truly not the case. According to Dr. Hsain Ilahiane, in Islam it is unholy to instigate or start war; however, some wars are inevitable and cannot be avoided. So with that being said, we must look at Jihad in the scope that it is a struggle, and in no way pertains to the term “Holy War”. Furthermore, Dr. M. Amir Ali, a member of the Institute of Islamic Information and Education challenges anyone to find
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jihad anthropology 335 - Maxwell Cochran Dr Hsain Ilahiane...

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