HW1sp07solns - BUAD 310 HW1 Solns BUAD Homework 1 Solutions...

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BUAD Homework 1 Solutions due Friday, January 26, 2007 in class p. 9 #1.3 a. quantitative b. quantitative c. qualitative d. quantitative e. qualitative p. 20 #1.22 a. statistics course letter grade: ordinal b. door choice: nominative c. TV show classification: ordinal d. PC ownership: nominative e. restaurant: ordinal f. income tax: nominative p. 62 #2.8 [part c only] The histogram appears to be quite right-skewed. It seems that there were a small number of cases  where the claims took an excess number of days to settle, whereas the bulk of the cases were settled in  the first 3 ‘bars’ of the histogram. p. 71 #2.18 [part a only] The  sample   mean  of 5.46  minutes  is  certainly   below  the  desirable   waiting  time  of 6  minutes.  Therefore, we could begin to assume the waiting time is indeed less than 6 minutes. (if the sample  mean had been greater than 6, we would have considered the possibility that the waiting time is too  long)   * It is also valid to claim that there is not sufficient evidence given to answer this question. p. 73 #2.21 and 2.24 [do NOT do part c on either question]  #2.21  Descriptive Statistics: Voters and PCs Variable Mean StDev Variance Q1 Median Q3 Range Voters 70.70 11.81 139.40 63.90 71.50 78.60 35.90 PCs 18.94
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HW1sp07solns - BUAD 310 HW1 Solns BUAD Homework 1 Solutions...

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