exam 1 2005 - MUSIC 304 HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL...

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304/2/Orange 1 MUSIC 304 HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL EXAMINATION II - Spring 2005 PART I –– LISTENING Questions 1-6 should be answered with one of the following: A. Blues B. Pop-song AABA (usually 32-bar) C. Neither of the above Questions 7-11 should be answered with the appropriate “origin/sound” of its production. A. Girl Groups B. Memphis (Stax/Muscle Shoals) C. Motown D. British Invasion Blues E. “Legendary” Producers Questions 12-21 Choose from the following instruments which is the most predominant in each passage played: A. Bass guitar B. Acoustic guitar C. Electric Piano (Fender Rhodes) D. Synthesizer E. Hammond Organ PART II –– Objective Questions For "True" use "A" For "False" use "B" 22. Which of the following Blues Revival Guitarists is still alive? A. Stevie Ray Vaughan B. Robert Cray C. Mike Bloomfield D. B and C above E. All are still alive 23. Which of the following was an important 1950’s pioneer in developing 8-track recording techniques? A. Phil Ramone B. Les Paul C. Tom Dowd D. Phil Spector E. Quincy Jones 24. T/F Urban blues often refers to blues musicians who moved from the South to urban centers like Indianola, MS. 25. T/F Many of the early “girl groups” were the products of their producers, and the singers were interchangeable.
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304/2/Orange 2 26. The driving force behind Motown, the sound AND the record label was: A. Jerry Butler B. Sam Phillips C. Berry Gordy Jr. D. Ahmet Ertegun E. Smokey Robinson 27. The regional blues style in ______________ often blended blues with jazz and swing, and is exemplified by T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. A. Memphis B. Chicago C. Texas D. New Orleans E. Des Moines 28. Motown's famous session band that played on all of the hits of classic Motown was nicknamed the _______ Brothers. A. Blues
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exam 1 2005 - MUSIC 304 HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL...

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