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General Neustadt Expectations Neustadt’s theory of presidential power describes the way in which a president can give himself the power to get what he wants done. According to former president Truman, presidential power is the power to persuade- a statement with which Neustadt agrees. In a country such as America, the political power is dispersed among the three branches, making it impossible for the president to simply do what he wants without gathering the support and backing of political persons of power. There are three main characteristics of Neustadt’s theory of presidential power, which include persuasive power, public prestige and professional reputation. Neustadt identifies the power of persuasion as the single most important trait that president must possess in order to become a successful leader. The president must manipulate people of power in the other branches of government so that he can use their power along with his to accomplish what he wants to get done. A particular presidential strength that Neustadt identifies is the ability to act and think
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