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Section 1: Descartes recounts of material things in Meditation 71, “I know now that they can exist, at least insofar as they are the object of pure mathematics … no doubt God is capable of bringing about everything I am capable of perceiving.” He believes God’s existence is not a fabrication of his mind, but rather an idea not of his own creation. His perception of God is that of an eternal, omnipotent being of a “true and immutable nature,” about which there are ideas that cannot be changed by Descartes. Through logical steps he concludes that any supreme being (that is his God) must be the epitome of perfection, and therefore is capable of creating reality as perceived by Descartes. Section 2: Descartes believes that his mind is distinct from his body and that he, as a thinking thing, can exist without his body. His first argument for this belief is in Meditation 77, where he says that anything he senses while awake could also, at times, be sensed in his sleep. From this he
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