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A city-state is a region controlled directly by a city. The emergence of the first known city-states occurred around 3000 B.C. in southern Mesopotamia. To understand Mesopotamian city-states, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the growth and development of the preceding populations. This includes the ecological conditions, architectual changes, technological advancements, social and political structures, and economic developments that were factors in the emergence of the first cities. Each of the three authors; Stein, Pollock, and Van De Mieroop, focus on different factors that they believe to be most important in the emergence of city-states. Stein focuses exclusively on the Ubiad period, emphasizing the means of acquiring wealth and leadership. He goes into detailed descriptions of the Ubiad settlements, because he understands (and wants others to understand them better) that they are the basis of cities emerging. Pollock focuses on settlement patterns and their effects on the architecture from the first settlements through the formation of cities. Van De Mieroop critically analyzes three common theories as to the origins of city-states, and uses logic and archeological evidence to support her statements about each. All three agree that the Ubiad region was home to the first archeologically documented settlements in about 5500 B.C. Its location in the southernmost region of Mesopotamia’s alluvial plain was also agree upon as being close to water sources, thus offering resources such as aquatic game, reeds, and more arable land then the region to the north. This is where the evolution of settlements into city-states begins, and where the focus of each author splits. The descriptions of both Stein and Pollock go into detail about Ubiad settlements.
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UPLOAD20 - CLAR 120 Paper A city-state is a region...

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