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Unformatted text preview: Is English angma [~] one or two segments? Cf. scene, sin vs. sing. singer vs. finger. swing and sway swin and swayg sing for your supper sig for your sumper springtime for Hitler sprigtime for Hintler Bing Crosby Big Cronsby striking hit strikig hint sink a ship simp a shick ring her neck rink her neg morphemes in the verb string morphemes in the verg strin Underlying Representations (The Holy Grail) i. All predictable information is left out of the underlying representation. ii. Each morpheme has a unique underlying representation, from which its alternants are derived by phonological rule. Discovering underlying representations photograph photography [fotgrf] [ftgrfij] What is the underlying representation of photograph- ? [fotgrf] Sound Change & Underlying Representation Old High German Middle High German Yiddish A Yiddish B day tag tak tg tg days taga tagE tEgE tEg away weg wek avek avek sack sak sak zak zak sacks saki sQkE zQkE zQk Vowel Lengthening & Flapping ___________________________________________________ tap [thp] bet [bt] buck [bk] dose [dos] tab [th:b] bed [b:d] bug [b:g] doze [do:z] proton [ph othan] radar [ey:da] atom [m] rider [ay:] Adam [:m] writer [ay] write writer ayt ayt- ayt ayt _____ ay ride ayd a:yd ______ rider ayd- a:yd a:y UR Vowel Lengthening Flapping Canadian Vowel Raising [I] rife rice Reich ripe write biker [AI] hive rise bribe ride tiger [AI] rye rile rhyme Rhine dire Flapping & Raising C A N A D A A C A N A D A B write AIt : It write AIt : It writer AIt- : I writer AIt- : AI ride AId : A:Id ride AId : A:Id rider AId- : A:I rider AId- : A:I Flapping & Raising C A N A D A A C A N A D A B write AIt AIt It It write AIt AIt AIt It writer AIt- AIt It I writer AIt - AIt AI AI ride rider AId AId- A:Id A:Id A:Id A:Id A:Id A:I ride rider AId AId- A:Id A:Id A:Id A:I A:Id A:I UR Lengthening Raising Flapping UR Lengthening Flapping Raising Moose Latin A ice sigh ysey aysey ays ys ysey say UR say Raising aysey Moose Moose Latin B ice sigh ysey ysey ays aysey ysey say UR aysey Moose ysey Raising Singapore English lift lifting lifts task tasking tasks list listing lists hiss hisses lIf lIftIN lIfs tAs tAskIN tAs lIs lIstIN lIs hIs hIss Cluster simplification Delete stops within consonant clusters within the same syllable. Schwa Insertion Insert between consonants with the same place and manner of articulation. Rule Order Schwa Insertion < Cluster Simplification Singapore English lists hisses l^st+s h^s+s l^sts h^ss Schwa Insertion l^ss h^ss Cluster Simplification _______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ lists l^st+s l^ss *l^ss hisses h^s+s h^ss h^ss Cluster Simplification Schwa Insertion Altogether now! banks bQnkz bQnks bQnks bQ)ks bQ)ks tents tEntz tEnts tEns tE)s tE)s bangs bQngz bQngz bQngz bQ)gz bQ):gz tends tEndz tEndz tEnz tE)z tE):z UR Voicing Assimilation Dental Stop Deletion Nasal Assimilation & Deletion Vowel Lengthening UR Voicing Assimilation Dental Stop Deletion Nasal Assimilation & Deletion Vowel Lengthening Alom or l phs i Ri Vedi n gc Sans i krt ptnia# yugdhuam -/ia#/, -/ya#/. [email protected]# Cf. terrestrial, celestial. juadhvam -/ia#/ after VCC__ , and -/ya#/ elsewhere. -/dhuam/ after VCC__ , and -/dhvam/ elsewhere. -/dhuam/, -/dhvam/. Ri Vedi M et gc er (5+6) [email protected]#karta / 1 23 4 5 (4+7) [email protected]#karta / 1 2 3 4 "you have skillfully made you have skillfully made / / pitra# yva#na# 123 4 5 6 camasm devapa#nam 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 your parents young a cup for the gods to drink from." [email protected]#r yugdhvam (5+7) [email protected]#ta#sah / 1 2 345 (5+6)prydrathu / 12 3 4 5 1 2345 67 [email protected]#r yugdhvam 1 234 5 6 "When you have harnessed the dappled mares with your strong hosts, When you have harnessed the dappled mares to your chariots." Ri Vedi Scanson gc i -/ia#/ -/ya#/ -/dhuam/ -/dhvam/ After VCC__ , scanned as 2 syllables. Elsewhere, scanned as 1 or 2 syllables. After VCC__ , scanned as 1 or 2 syllables. Elsewhere, scanned as 1 syllable. UR -/ia#/ becomes -/ya#/ except after VCC__. UR -/dhvam/ becomes -/dhuam/ after VCC__. Poet's Rule: Scan either the underlying representation or the pronounced form. ...
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