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1 Phonology (II) February 6, 2008 Ling275Lg: Language and Mind Announcement The second assignment is on Blackboard (in the folder ‘assignment’). Due to February 13 , at the beginning of the lab (Don’t be late!) Neither handwritten nor electric submission will be accepted. Lab slides will be uploaded to Blackboard. Outline Reviews of terms - Phonology Dialectal difference Rule ordering - Syllable - Other segments Phoneme An abstract mental representation of a class of speech sounds identified by the speaker as the same sound A change of a phoneme affects the word meaning (ex. tot vs. dot) A list of phonemes is different depending on languages - Remember lice/rice? Minimal Pair Change sounds in a word minimally, and if there is change in the meaning, we say these two sounds show contrastive distribution . Two words showing contrastive distribution are called a minimal pair. - ‘curve’ vs. ‘curb’? - ‘play’ vs. ‘pray’? - ‘plumb’ vs. ‘lamb’? YES YES NO Allophone Various productions of a phoneme - /t/ has several allophones, among which we saw some before. In predictable phonetic contexts - / / for phonemes, [ ] for allophones / phonetic transcription Allophones show: -> Complementary distribution
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2 Complementary Distribution When two sounds do not overlap in distribution we say two sounds show complementary distribution . They are two allophones of a single phoneme. - ‘tear’ [t h  ] vs. ‘stare’ [st  ] How to explain complementary distribution?
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080206 section - Announcement Phonology(II February 6 2008...

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