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History 106 - 518 First Exam True (a) or False (b) 1. The Fifteenth Amendment prohibits states from denying the right to vote on the basis of race and sex. False “Race, color, or previous condition of servitude” 2. Although they achieved some support, the Populist movement and its People’s Party never elected anyone to Congress. FALSE Populists elected several Congressmen and a few Senators. 3. Populists and their People’s Party fostered political cooperation between blacks and whites, even in the south, to counteract the power of big business and monopolies. TRUE 4. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 was passed to prevent monopolies from forming, but it was years later before it was used to limit the power of big business. TRUE 5. Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders defeated Spanish forces in Puerto Rico. FALSE Rough Riders defeated Spanish forces in Cuba 6. The Anti-Imperialist League approved of American control of foreign countries. FALSE 7. During Reconstruction, white northerners overwhelmingly supported “Home Rule.” FALSE White southerners 8. The “exodusters” were free blacks who migrated into the West. TRUE 9. In the first five chapters of the William Dean Howells novel, Silas Lapham indicates a strong and clear desire to escape from the evils and corruption of Boston. FALSE 10. After inheriting a fortune in the paint business Silas Lapham moves from Vermont to Boston. FALSE Silas Lapham did not inherit a business or a fortune; he was a self-made man. Multiple Choice 11. Reconstruction – including the military occupation of southern states and enforcement of civil rights for black citizens – ended in 1877 because a)Democrats struck a deal that gave them the White House for the first time since the Civil War b)Southern “Redeemers” convinced Congress to end it c)Republicans cut a deal to win the 1876 presidential election
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106-518_Exam_One_Key - History 106 - 518 First Exam True...

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