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Weather for MATH 1342 Name and Section Number Tracking the Weather We will see if the weather forcast is correct. The way we will do this is to go to, the college station local TV station. Go to the weather link, and print the forcast each day from now (May 30th) until this assignment is due, Sunday June 24th. You MUST have your printer set to print the time stamp and web page address before you print each page.
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Unformatted text preview: Make a note in non-black pen on each page about the rainfall for that day. We will make two diFerent counts for this collected data. One count will be the number of times the prediction falls in the interval, the other will be the number of times it actually rained on days in that range. See the table below for the ranges. Chance of Rain Count Days it Rained 0% - 24% 25% - 49% 50% - 74% 75% - 100% 1...
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