11 - • Epistasis o A gene at one locus on one chromosome...

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Chapter 11 Chromosomes and sister chromosomes that don’t separate is nondisjuction o Greatest tolerance for this is in the sex chromosome Sexual aneuploids in man, their sexual phenotypes, and the maximum number of observable Barr bodies o Barr bodies = X’s o XO: Turner’s syndrome: 0 Barr bodies Reduced mental capacity, reduced fertility o XXX: superfemale (mental abnormalities): 2 Barr bodies o XYY: normal o XXY: Klinefelter’s syndrome: 1 Barr body
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Unformatted text preview: • Epistasis: o A gene at one locus on one chromosome modifies the expression of another One set of alleles can keep the other set of alleles from being expressed albinism • Polygenic Inheritance: o More than one gene affecting a single characteristic o height • Pleiotropy o A single gene affecting many characteristics. Sickle cell anemia PKU...
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