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Human Genome Human Genetic Conditions: o Sickle Cell Anemia: Gene therapy Symptoms come about because under certain conditions hemoglobin crystallizes and doesn’t form right One base substitution Gene Therapy: Any therapy that gives a patients new cell population to make things right Fetal hemoglobin: has a greater affinity to oxygen then adult hemoglobin Fetal hemoglobin is more like mother because it acts as a parasite o PKU: Environmental control Can’t break down phenylalanine Defects may be different
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Unformatted text preview: Cant fully break the amino acid down and use it for energy Causes a build up of products that causes brain problems o Huntingtons Diseases: testing Fatal dominant Doesnt show up til the individual is older Nervous system disorder Eventually people suffocate because they cant coordinate their breathing Mutagens: makes mutations more likely to happen Genetic Diseases arent curedsymptoms can only be alleviated...
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