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Population Ecology

Population Ecology - Population Ecology Definitions o...

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Population Ecology Definitions o Population: an interacting group of individuals (within a species ); members of a species who can and do interbreed o Community: a group of populations living and interacting in an area (between species) o Ecosystem: the organisms that live in an area along wit the abiotic components Population growth determined by: o Biotic potential: how much a population could grow with no restrictions o Carrying capacity: # individuals that the environment can support; actual numbers Can vary from time to time due to all kinds of environmental factors o Population size: slide: negative feedback loop As species increase in numbers factors decrease them in numbers Food, disease, hurricanes, droughts Population interactions affect density o Density independent: Environmental conditions Hurricanes, fire, weather, etc o Density dependent: Factors that influenced by the density of individuals in a population Regulatory influence on population density
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