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Ecology The study of how organisms interact with one another and their environment “Eco” = “Oikos” means home What is an ecosystem o Organisms in an area and non-biological components o Biotic o Producers: plants o Primary consumers: herbivores Eat producers o Omnivores: eat plants and animals o Secondary consumers: carnivores Top carnivores: eat carnivores that eat other carnivores o Tertiary consumers: (includes decomposers) o (“trophic levels”) Abiotic o Minerals o Elements o Energy Ecosystem Ecology o The study of cycles and flows Nutrients (elements) cycle Carbon cycle: be able to draw cycle, know examples of each part of cycle o A carbon atom
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Unformatted text preview: Energy flows • Energy is lost from the system at every transition (i.e. between trophic levels) o Energy is lost as heat • Only 1% of sun’s energy converted to chemical energy (i.e. photosynthesis) • Only 10% of energy in one trophic level becomes part of next trophic level o Part of the energy lost is used to keep the organism alive(cell respiration), waste product, 10% is put into energy stored in the body In an area of fixed size, from which trophic level would you use to feed a growing population? • Would feed them plants Producers: each pound of primary consumer “costs” 10 pounds of producer...
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