Plant Reproduction and Development

Plant Reproduction and Development - o One egg o One 2...

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Plant Reproduction and Development Angiosperm Life Cycles o Dominant form is diploid o In flowers (meiosis) Plants and Pollinators o Pollen: encloses sperm Pollen Formation o Anther By meiosis Egg Formation o Ovules inside ovary Meiosis Pollination o Pollen grains to stigma (the top where pollen grain lands) o Pollen grain germinates Grows the pollen tube down to where the eggs are Double Fertilization o Pollen tube grows Pollen tube to ovule, penetrates sac, deposits two sperm
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Unformatted text preview: o One egg o One 2 nuclei of female egg nuclei 3N endosperm(triploid tissue) o As embryo is growing, it incorporates nutrients around it: in eggsyolk o Seeds are found in fruits: base of female part becomes the fruit Pollen gets to the female parts through: o Bees, flies, mice, bird, wind Flower parts o Sepals o Receptacle o Male stamens o Female carpels (ovary)...
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