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1. Race proportions in US 2000 Census a. White 73%, Hispanic 14%, Black 13.8%, Asian 4%, Native American 1% b. Issues with grouping people with rates: i. People have issues of being label as Hispanic because it means they came from Spain ii. Chinese Americans are the largest Asian category 2. 10 year period of time where Blacks could be in senate; slaves were given freedom a. Reconstruction; enforced by having federal troops on the ground in the South 3. Who was the Mexican American leader? a. Cesar Chavez; song associated with union farmers: de colores 4. Ronald Reagan apologized and gave 20,000 a. Japanese American interment camps 5. Group with lands in Black Hills that government want land; they offer millions and
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Unformatted text preview: millions of dollar for it a. Sioux/Igola 6. Trail of Tears a. March to Oklahoma from Georgia and parts of the Carolina; They found in gold in the northern part of Georgia b. Trail of Broken Treaties i. American Indian Movement; Group went to west coast to DC and stop at every point there was a broken treaty and had a mass sit in 7. Black national anthem a. Lift every voice and sing 8. Jump started US entry in WWII a. Pearl Harbor 9. Harlem Renaissance a. Period of literary and cultural explosion; writing, music, acting, etc 10. Strange Fruit a. Lynched bodies hanging from southern trees...
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