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9-6 - 9-4 10 on pop quiz Addressing what as there and what...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-4 10 on pop quiz Addressing what as there and what was implied there 9-6 Anybody can be racist because we are using a broad definition including prejudice People who suffers the most from institutionalized discrimination are the minorities over the majorities Stereotype is an exaggerated concept that is believed to be true about the whole group o They help us to categorized and organize and simplify the information that's coming into us from all sides o Stereotypes from that standpoint can be useful but they get overuse to a huge extent in our culture o Stereotypes represent and extremely simplified view of people within a group o Stereotypes create barriers Most of the barriers include having a real distrust and fear of the group being stereotypes: one the purposes of stereotypes is to invoke fear and distrust It is very difficult to overcome the physical, emotional, and social distance that you create with these stereotypes to become positive o Stereotypes often serve as justification for mistreatment, different rules and regulations, punishments; and by doing the injustice you are just creating more distance o Implicit association test Characteristics of stereotypes o Stereotypes-racism- are learned If its learn, it can be unlearned o Can be positive or negative(even when they are positive they can be used against the group) Model minority myth applied to Asian Americans It's now being used against them; some colleges have been limiting the number of acceptance of Asians o Can be strongly or weakly believed You can brush off some of them and others you adamantly believe its true o Can and are socially reinforce by members of other group as well as their own group o Social norms exist, which reinforce the stereotypes such that there are sanctions, both positive and negative for going along with the stereotypes or for rejecting them Family is a strong source of providing sanctions o Tend to be very persistent over time--even in the face of challenges Video: A Place at the Table ...
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