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Stereotypes o Stereotypes are persistent over time o Tend to be very resistant to evidence or facts to the contrary o Pervasive in our culture-in our social institution and the media o Stereotypes and prejudice are learned behavior o Racial and ethnic stereotypes tend to be closely link to ones skin color The darker the skin, the more negative the stereotype in general o The danger of stereotyping is based on the assumptions linked to the stereotype people behave in a negative way o Requires an intentional choice on individuals parts, even individuals in our social institutions, requires intent to change; unfortunately the people who are able to change these stereotypes-those people are socially punished o Strategies to change stereotypes Intergroup education Begin to use information about all different groups that make up the US and give information about their histories as well as the dominant white majority history There has always been an interplay of the relationship of all races
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Unformatted text preview: in history • Educations about that information especially in mixed group has been the best strategy Intergroup contact • Integration of different groups working together, living together • Works best when o All groups need to be of equal status o Need to not be in competition with one another o It needs to be a situation when the environment is non-threatening • Best example is the military Simulation exercises • Blue-eye experiment Persuasive communication • Pamphlets, videos, movies; where your point is to show your point • Only way to work is if your paying attention Therapy • Psychological and psychiatric therapy • People have to admit to themselves they have a problem first • Most people don’t willingly admit they have a problem • Vincent Chin & Jena 6: Institutionalize discrimination o Institution in questions is our justice system...
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