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10-11 - • Was moved up to older boys orphanage at 10 •...

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Guest Lecturer: Rob Mitchell VP of major brokerage fund; top 2% in income Father was a vegetable-tried to commit suicide Mother had psychological problem; mother left him at orphanage and went for mental health-Chicago Gigi Remembering name was important because it made them feel like they weren’t invisible Nola: 29; Northern westerner; in bible school; new house parent 10-16 boys; 2 toilets; baths twice a week; 6 to a bath water Nola; prayer Kids are egocentric; if life is good they are good; if life is bad they are bad Lost hope in 2 nd grade: realized that no one was going to be able to rescue him Her sons were not born of her womb but the were born of her heart
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Unformatted text preview: • Was moved up to older boys orphanage at 10 • 6-9 grade: got beat up everyday • Spent time in juvie at 8 • Tried to take his anger out in sports but his anger took him out of sports • Intellect, emotions, will: 3 things cannot touch or see • College: kids in orphanage would laugh at it: not smart enough, no money, kids like us aren’t good enough, don’t deserve to go to college • America is in desperate need of male mentors; • 24 million kids live in a household without a father • Famous vs impactor o Impactors get remember, not famous people...
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