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Institutionalized discrimination: written in the laws o Plessey v Fergusson allowed it Dropout factories: dropout rates 50% + Race an Illusion: The house we live in o Race isn’t a biological reality o Race means nothing unless they are given social meaning and public polices that act upon them o Immigrants were considered in between in a transitional phase and not white when they first came o The melting pot: European white immigrants were melted in the pot; not Blacks or Asians, Hispanics o Virginia defined black if you have 1/16, FL 1/8, AL any ounce Race is a social political construction: a state could name you a different race o Takao Ozawa: Japanese immigrant applied to be a nationalized citizen in 1915 Supreme court did not offer him citizen: he was not white because he was not Caucasian o US v Thind: They said white can’t be scientifically determined but subjectively understood Whiteness was what the common white man said it was
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Unformatted text preview: South Asians that were already citizens lost their citizenship and privilege o The film The house I live in was about national unity o Federal housing Act gave loans to people to purchase a house Before then you had to pay up 50% down Now you could purchase it 20% and the bank has 80% and pay it over 30 years o Levitt town: single family homes that all look the same Mortgage payments were $65 /month vs 100-150 o Urban renewal 2/3 displaced were black or Latino o Blockbusting: Real estate agents will buy houses from home-owners and then sell it to non-whites for a much higher price o Whites leaving causes property value lowering, not Blacks moving in o Housing available for non-whites was mostly rental You don’t gain equity by renting o The average black family has 1/8 the assets of the average white family...
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